Jane Li took table tennis to a new dimension (Steve Parkin Photography)

Have you ever wondered what table tennis looked like in 3D?

Well, now is your chance as the West African Cable System (WACS) launch party 3D video includes a few minutes of table tennis in a brand new dimension.

While the video promotes the 3D and HD cable being provided in Africa it also uses the technology from 3dexperience.co.uk to promote the Olympics with action shots and interviews from table tennis players, a balancing beam gymnast and a pair of boxers.

The table tennis filming (that takes place from 5:34 on the video if you wish to skip) involves the Booth Academy for Table Tennis Skills (BATTS) club hosting Ella Patel and Jane Li having a knock in 3D.

They are also interviewed by presenter Nick Thatcher while the East Regional Coach, Stephen Gertsen, adds his professional opinion to the piece.

Don’t forget your 3D glasses (available from local cinemas if you don’t have them already) and enjoy the video!

Watch the video here.