Last seasons Men’s Singles winner Chris Doran

We could see a rematch of last seasons Men’s Singles final between Chris Doran and Gavin Rumgay, which saw Doran narrowly crowned the winner in 5 games. Fellow English international, Danny Reed, and Ryan Jenkins from Wales will be vying to make sure this is not the case.

Both the finalists from the Under 21 Men’s Singles will also be competing, however another rematch is impossible as Matt Ware can no longer compete in the Under 21’s so it is down to Paul McCreery to defend his title.

We can expect a new champion in the Under 21 Women’s Singles as Alice Loveridge has only entered the Women’s Singles this time round. She won’t face last seasons winner, Yuko Tsuji, who has not entered but with Karina Le Fevre, Emma Vickers, Chloe Whyte, and Tressa Armitage all involved, the competition with be fierce.

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