UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching – Technical Day

From the 1st January 2013 the ETTA will be introducing an additional day to UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching course, that will focus on the technical elements of the basic skills, to better equip coaches in their first steps into coaching. The technical day is for potential coaches currently enrolling on a level 1 course starting from January 2013. This is a compulsory part of the learning programme for the course to gain the UKCC Level 1 Coaching Award. The key benefits of this additional requirement in the UKCC Level 1 learning programme will be:

Enhanced Technical Knowledge to equip coaches with more thorough understanding of the technical aspect of the sport

Greater Confidence for coaches to deliver individual coaching sessions with further knowledge to develop players further than the basic elements

Essential knowledge base to move into Level 2 Coaching and be able to meet the standards and requirements to undertake the next stage of coaching

Regional Coach will deliver the Technical Day and provide professional technical knowledge and support for coaches with the latest and most effective technique developments.

Links and Opportunities in the region for coaches can be obtained through the regional coach and provide a good basis for starting your coaching career

Content of the Technical day

This day builds on the technical content covered on the first day of the course, but the focus is very much on the ‘what-to-coach’ technical skills, rather than the ‘how-to-coach’.

Four basic strokes – more in-depth knowledge; how to analyse and correct faults.

Topspin and block strokes – development of these from the basic strokes.

Regular footwork exercises – combining strokes, recovery position and lines of play; relevance of crossover point.

Irregular footwork exercises – developing anticipation

Service and return of service – short/long placement; in/out footwork; flick, short push and long push returns.

Equipment – blades and rubbers

For Coaches Starting or Completed a UKCC level 1 course before 1st January

For UKCC Level 1 Coaches previously awarded their qualification or have started their UKCC Level 1 Award before 1st January  2013 will have the opportunity in future to attend Coach Education Workshops that will provide the technical day content. However at the current time it is not a requirement for UKCC Level 1 Coaches that have started or have the UKCC Level 1 Award, before 1st January 2013, to complete the technical day in order to continue to coach or move onto UKCC Level 2 Coaching Course.

Peter Charters – ETTA Vice Chairman Coaching and Performance