Calling a cab on a Friday or Saturday night is nothing out of the ordinary for most of us (indeed it’s routine for some), but when was the last time you saw table tennis players staring out at you? Well, the answer is almost certainly never!

There may be some instances of this in China, Japan or Korea for example (afraid to say we haven’t been able to afford the plane tickets out to Asia to ‘taxi-watch’) but for certain this is the first time in England that table tennis has been advertised on the sides our of local cabbie service.

For the next month, in the lead-up to the Liebherr Men’s World Cup, a series of taxis going to-and-fro around Liverpool City Centre will be carrying the table tennis banners featuring all the details you need for tickets to the big event.

If you see a taxi with the banner on the side why not tweet us a picture of it (and yourselves) and we’ll re-tweet your image on @ETTATableTennis #TTTaxi