As mentioned on our Facebook site on Saturday morning, we have the clip of Emmanuel Frimpong playing a best-of-three match against SoccerAm presenter ‘Tubes’.

In this segment of the show ‘Tubes’ asks one of the show’s guests: ‘one question and one question only’. This week he asked: “Can Frimpong play ping-pong?”

Duly, the Arsenal star obliges and, much like his team-mate Robin Van Persie, he shows a good deal of experience in the game. In fact, the baffles the show hosts by switching to a penhold grip before beginning.

The link below will direct you to the SoccerAm videos page where you need to select the video entitled: ‘Tubes meets Will Ferrell’. After four minutes of his interview with Will Ferrell his match with Emmanuel Frimpong begins.

Emmanuel ‘ping-pong’ Frimpong vs Tubes