Table Tennis England is the governing body of table tennis in England, responsible for representing, coordinating, administering, regulating, promoting, marketing and developing the sport in close cooperation with related bodies.

• 300 million participants worldwide – the second highest participation sport in the world  (International Sports Federation figures)
• Truly worldwide sport: one of only six International Federations to have over 200 members
• 2.4 million play table tennis within the UK (British Market Research Bureau)
• High BME participation: 12% compared to 9% average for all other sports (Sport England Primary Offer)

• Table tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988
• Table tennis is lifelong sport a sport for 5 to 80+ years olds
• With over 2.4 million (BMRB) participants, table tennis is making a significant contribution to the health of the nation
• Important medical research from university medical schools illustrates health benefits to those who have suffered or are suffering from strokes, brain injury, Alzheimer’s and in their recovery
• Good sport for athletes with disabilities.

Youth orientated
• Excellent, space efficient and relatively inexpensive sport for schools (4 table tennis tables fit on space equivalent to one badminton court)
• Co-educational activity and established English Schools’ Table Tennis Association competition programme at all levels; local, county, national and international
• Universally accessible sport with no excessive time demands
• Activity can be time limited but very intensive, providing vigorous or recreational exercise for boys and girls
• Can be played in halls, community centres, garage or back garden

• Fun and enjoyable – intuitive and engaging, table tennis is a sociable sport enjoyed by everyone everywhere
• Olympic sport – fast, dynamic and highly competitive, table tennis is a special blend of mental agility, subtle tactics and explosive power
• A sport for life – table tennis is a healthily and relaxing sport with low risk of injury
• Space efficient – minimum space, maximum activity wherever the place or whatever the space
• English champions – international success and medals in all categories including, youth, veteran and disabled
• Growing TV and spectator appeal – watch the speed, spin and excitement of the fastest racket sport in the planet
• A fantastic sport – competition or recreation just pick up a bat and play