Table Tennis England welcomes and needs involvement by its members in the organisation of our sport – whether locally in clubs, leagues and counties, but also nationally and regionally.

Last year an invitation was issued to all members through the website to invite anyone not currently involved nationally to indicate if they are interested in being on a Committee – either National or Regional – or on an Advisory Group or as an Individual Adviser to staff.

The same invitation is being extended this year. If you are interested, please email Rob Sinclair on [email protected] by June 5th with a brief note of your interests and experience. All responses will be considered and we will communicate back to those who respond by early July.

The Support and Advisory Network was approved by the Board last summer for 2014/15 following acceptance of the Portas Review’s recommendation for a “detailed assessment leading to a transformation of the committee structure”.

The new basis was that Committees would continue where they related to activities delivered by volunteers such as County Championships, Disciplinary etc while Advisory Groups or Individual Advisers supported staff in their work remit eg in Coaching and Development.

There are currently 13 National Committees and 9 Regional Committees as well as 20 Individual Advisers, 5 Focus Groups, 2 Board Standing Groups and 6 Board Review Groups. More than 100 volunteers including 21 National Councillors are involved in the Network; no Board members are included in that number of volunteers. About 15 colleagues have been involved for the first time.

We look forward to hearing from members.

Mike Smith
Appointed Board Director
Chairman Network Group May 2015