Picture courtesy of ITTF

‘London to London Table Tennis Comes Home’ published by the International Table Tennis Federation will be officially released on Thursday 26th July 2012 at 7.00pm, at a special gathering held at the St Bride Foundation,14 Bride Lane, London.

Inspired by the now legendary speech of Boris Johnson, the London Mayor, when at the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games he expressed the view “Whiff Whaff Comes Home”, one of the former names for table tennis, the book contains 248 pages and some 240 photographs.

St Bride is one of the many buildings in London featured in the publication that is associated with the early years of the sport. Thus it is a very apt venue for the launch.

The book traces the establishment of the International Table Tennis Federation and the organization of the first World Championships, staged in London in 1926, in addition to featuring all ensuing World Championships held in England’s capital city and major events of note.

Furthermore, the history of table tennis in the Olympic Games, from the initial applications to the debut in Seoul in 1988 and on to the London Games in 2012, is traced.

Fact-files of all the table tennis gold medalists are included alongside the record of every player who has competed in the table tennis events at the Olympic Games.

In addition there is a complete list of entries for London and how they gained qualification.

It is a detailed portrayal of table tennis in London and in the Olympic Games, and is a result of the efforts of Colin Clemett, a Personal Honorary Member of the International Table Tennis Federation.

He conducted endless hours of research, following the initiative of Richard Scruton, the Table Tennis Competition Manager at the Olympic Games, to mark the occasion of the London Games.

Launch: Thursday 26th July 2012 6.30pm for 7.00pm
St Bride Foundation, 14 Bride Lane, City of London, EC4Y 8EQ

by Ian Marshall, ITTF