Former Polish doubles champion Filip Szymanski (No.7 Poland WR 242) is the last of the confirmed internationals to enter the Tees Sport K2 Sussex Open. The entry is now closed with a confirmed 152 players entering and all events full.

We are now selling tickets for the 21st July at £8 adults and £4 juniors/students/over 65’s with sales starting very well. The organisers expect to sell out allocation for spectators before the event so please contact Steve Pound to secure your tickets. There will be 300 tickets available for general sale.

We can confirm the following players have entered :

Daniel Zwickl  (WR 118 – Hungary no.2)

Liam Pitchford  (WR 122 – England no.1)

Abdel-Kader Salifou (WR 131 – France no.6)

Andrew Baggaley (WR 142 – England no.3)

Quentin Robinot (WR 145 – France no.7)

Gavin Rumgay (WR 221 – Scotland no.1)

Filip Szymanski (WR 246- Poland no.7)

Darius Knight (WR 295 – England no.6)

Chris Doran (WR 492 – England no.5)

Joanna Parker (WR 144 – England no.1)

David Mcbeath  (England no.9)

Matt Ware (England no.10)

Tobias Bergman (Sweden)

Mike O‘driscoll (England no.12)

Garry Dodd (Channel Islands no.1)

Kazeem Adeleke (Nigeria)

Lewis Gray

Mike Marsden (Wales)

Niall Cameron (Scotland)

Ryota Kawai (Japan)

Stephen Beerling

Darren Reed

Liam McTiernan

Matt Dodds

Ritchie Venner

Danny Lawrence

Owe Karlsson