Sussex Series Saturday 16th June 2012

The Sussex series has been a number of tournaments held at K2, Crawley, Sussex that have adopted the following principles:

  • Ability banded to ensure few mismatches
  • Group formats to ensure all  players play lots of matches
  • Significant prize money (we have given out approximately £5,400 in cash and £2,500 in voucher prizes this season)

To date winners have included Tin-Tin Ho, Kazeem Adeleke, Lewis Gray, Luke Savill and Alex Forshaw. The next Sussex series is on the 16th June 2012 and includes as Band 1 an U-21 Men’s event which will include the strongest field of U-21 men outside the National championships. To date confirmation of entering includes Chris Doran, Matt Ware, David Mcbeath, Richard Andrews, Garth Kinlocke and Liam McTiernan. They will be competing for a prize pot of £850 split 1st = £300, 2nd = £200, 3rd = £125, 4th = £75, 5th = £60, 6th = £50 and 7th = £40 and the winner will be the first person to have their name engraved on the superb Birmingham 1909 sterling silver trophy shown above. Qualification for the band 1 event is either 1500 or more senior ranking points or 1000 or more junior ranking points although points won in the event will only count towards senior ranking points. Band 1 players are expected to play between 7-9 top quality matches each and players in other bands will play 11 matches each.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors Heritage Oil, Ray Hole Architects, Griffin Security and Technology and Tees Sports for making this series of tournaments possible.

Play is on 18 Butterfly tables in 10 metres x 5 metres courts in 4 star standard conditions with a maximum of 76 competitors.

Entry forms can be found on the ETTA web site.