Keeping children safe in sport is the focus of the sixth annual Parents in Sport Week, beginning today.

The NSPCC-organised campaign aims to give parents information on how to keep their child safe in sport through a range of different activities. These include:

  • A new, free, e-learning course for parents. The course only takes 10 minutes and helps parents to understand poor practice, the signs of abuse and who to turn to for help.
  • The updated NSPCC CPSU Parents Hub where all of our new products will be hosted alongside a wealth of further information for parents
  • A new animation, aimed at parents, to help them understand how they can support their child if something is wrong – you can watch this here:

Table Tennis England is committed to safeguarding children and young people in our sport and you can find out more about our commitment by clicking here.

Head of England Performance Matt Stanforth said: “Parents should always feel they can check and challenge any Coach or Club with regards to Safeguarding. If you aren’t sure of something, then it is always okay to ask.

“The NSPCC Parents in Sport Week provides an excellent hub of information for parents to use and, as always, our dedicated Safeguarding Team, Judy Rogers & Victoria Wiegleb will be at the end of the phone if you ever need any advice or support.”

Meanwhile, Olympic and Paralympic stars Paul Drinkhall and Paul Karabardak have thanked their own parents for the contributions they have made to their careers, as well as thanking all parents who are involved in sport.

Tokyo Paralympics medallist Paul Karabardak said: “My mum’s support over the last 20 years in table tennis has been incredible and a major factor in my success, from driving me around to training, matches and other things when I was too young to drive to watching and supporting me in many competitions, it has been amazing!

“As well as looking after my other needs, such as cooking the right food to ensure I have good nutrition to train to a high level, to every week having to wash a lot of kit.

“Her support over the years has meant everything especially someone to talk to when things are difficult after a bad session or bad match or just being nervous for a big competition.

“I think she has had such a difficult and important role in my table tennis, which she has done an excellent job in. I am forever grateful.”