On its 20th anniversary 130 Junior and cadet players from afar afield as Cornwall, Jersey, Wales and Scotland attended the Stiga Blackpool Junior 4 Star, held at Blackpool Sports Centre, Lancashire on 11th & 12th September.

In the Junior Boys event it was an all Lancashire final with Amirul Hussain (La) edging out Toby Ellis (La) in a close fought 8, -10, 9, 10 to take the title. In the Junior Girls event Amy Marriot (Ys) came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat Hannah Silcock (JEY) -5, -8, 10, 20, 9 to take the Junior Girl’s title.


TTE England Deputy Chairman, Susie Venner & Amy Marriot


Many thanks to Jill Parker MBE – TTE President, Susie Venner – TTE Deputy Chairman and Matt Stanforth – TTE Head of Performance for making the presentations.

Click above to view all the KO results, photos and presentations from the event. Links to videos of the finals matches below.

Thanks to STIGA and Thornton’s Sports for their sponsorship of the event, Blackpool Borough Council and the management and staff of Blackpool Sports Centre, without whose support we couldn’t run the event. Thanks also to the organising committee and the volunteers, officials and umpires in attendance over the weekend. Hope to see you next year.


Event Players (Finals Video) Result
Junior Boys Singles Amirul Hussain (La) bt Toby Ellis (La) 8, -10, 9, 10
Junior Girls Singles Amy Marriot (Ys) bt Hannah Silcock (JEY) -5, -8, 10, 20, 9
Junior Boys Band 1 Dylan Tynan (Co) bt Samuel Cooper (Dy) -8, -8, 9, 15, 9
Junior Girls Band 1 Hannah Silcock (JEY) 1st, Bethany Ellis 2nd RR
Junior Boys Band 2 Ralph Pattison (E) bt Rohan Dani (IND) 8, 7, -3, 9
Junior Girls Band 2 Connie Dumelow (Dy) bt Ella Pashley (Cv) -9, 7, 4, -2, 9
Cadet Boys Singles Larry Trumpauskas (K) bt Yiannis Kazantidis (K) -8, 2, -6, 3, 9
Cadet Girls Singles Hannah Silcock (JEY) bt Connie Dumelow (Dy) -10, 2, 8, 4
Cadet Boys Band 1 Noah Van Hoorebeek (Y) bt Harry Randall (Bk) -3, 9, 8, 6
Cadet Girls Band 1 Darcey Taylor (WAL) 1st, Melissa Withers (Ng) RR
Cadet Boys Band 2 Rohan Dani (IND) bt Jackson McFarlane (Mi) 2, 6, 3
U13 Boys Max Radiven (Mi) bt Adam Alibhai (E) -4, -9, 4, 5, 8
U13 Girls Millie Noble (Dy) 1st, Melissa Withers (Ng) 2nd RR

Semi final match videos at: www.facebook.com/blackpoolttc/videos.

Martin Ireland
Tournament Organiser