110 junior and cadet players from afar afield as Southampton and Scotland recently attended the Stiga Blackpool Junior 4 Star held at Blackpool Sports Centre, Lancashire over 17th & 18th May. In the Junior events Alec Ward (Cv) took the Junior Boys title beating Danny Lawrence (K) 3, -5, -6, 1, 10. In the Junior Girls event Emily Bolton (Cu) bt Isabelle Joubeilly (Sy) 5, 9, 4 to take the Junior Girl’s title. Click here to view all the results from the earlier rounds.

Player and presentation photos can be seen at: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjXAfeVD

Thanks to all who attended and to all the officials and umpires who helped at the event over the weekend. See you next time.

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Event Players Result
Junior Boys Singles Alec Ward (Cv) bt Danny Lawrence (K) 3, -5, -6, 1, 10
Junior Girls Singles Emily Bolton (Cu) bt Isabelle Joubeilly (Sy) 5, 9, 4
Junior Boys Band 1 Artur Caltabiano (Ha) bt William Hornsey (Li) -8, 8, -8, 11, 9
Junior Girls Band 1 Isabelle Joubeilly (Sy) bt Stephanie Cross (E) 3, 2, -10, 1
Junior Boys Band 2 Cade Short (WAL) bt Mateusz Mikosz (He) 8, 5, -3, 6
Junior Girls Band 2 Danielle Kelly (Sy) 1st, Anna Hursey (WAL) 2nd RR
Cadet Boys Singles Alex Ramsden (Np) bt Alec Ward (Cv)
Cadet Girls Singles Kate Nixon (Y) bt Isabelle Joubeilly (Sy) 12, 6, 9
Cadet Boys Band 1 Joshua Harland (Cv) bt Zac Dowling (Do) 8, -7, 6, 5
Cadet Girls Band 1 Bhavika Mistry (Np) bt Stephanie Cross (E) 7, -10, 7, -6, 4
Cadet Boys Band 2 Steffan Griffiths (WAL) bt Pouyan Jauanmard (WAL) -11, -4, 6, 4, 8
U13 Boys Sahyan Siraj (Y) bt James Smith (K) 7, 9, 4
U13 Girls Sophie Barlow (Cv) 1st bt Bhavika Mistry (Np) 2nd RR

Martin Ireland (May 20, 2014)