If you fancy a slice of the action, then it’s time to Get Involved in table tennis.

Andrew Baggaley represented Team GB at the London Olympics and he told Sky Sports News that it’s a sport for all ages that can be played almost anywhere.

“Hopefully the Olympics will push it and bring the image of table tennis up – that’s what we need,” said the five-time Commonwealth medallist and three-time English champion.

“It’s an amazing sport to play at all levels – so I think the kids should come and play table tennis.

“It’s a one-on-one sport, it’s a very dynamic, fast sport; it’s entertaining, you can play lots of rallies, you can do many, many things with the ball. It’s a really, really good, fun sport and I want kids to get involved and play.

With that in mind Andrew and his brother and coach Stephen have been visiting schools to showcase table tennis.

“Clearly many, many people appreciate table tennis, many people play tennis and I think everyone can relate to table tennis,” said Stephen. “It’s a sport for life; it keeps you fit and healthy; you can play at any level. Literally the whole family can play together.”

Since 2005 participation in the sport has grown by over 50 per cent, while over 100,000 people in England now play table tennis at least once a week.

Richard Yule, English Table Tennis Association Chief Executive, explained why.

“Table tennis can be played virtually anywhere; we’re trying to take the sport to the people,” he said. “I think the Olympics was a big driver for us; it’s clear to us that we are on a bit of a crest of a wave.

“It can be played by literally anyone from eight years old to 80 years old. It’s a unique challenge – a lot of people say it’s like trying to run the 100m and play chess at the same time.”

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Courtesy of Sky Sports