Woodfield III Win All 32 Games

12 teams achieved 100% records in the first round of the Senior British League matches – Drumchapel Glasgow II (Division One North), Fusion I (Division One South), TTK Greenhouse (Division One South & Midlands), Ormesby III (Division Three North), DHS Greenhouse Progress IV and De Vere NETTS (Division Three South), Godalming (Division Three South & Midlands), Bribar Redlands Rookies (Division Four North), Bournemouth Sports and Hastings (Division Four South), Woodfield II (Division Four South & Midlands) and Woodfield III (Division Five North).  However, it is the record of Woodfield III in Division Five North that is the most remarkable of all. Their squad of Steve Horton, Paul Worrallo, Joe Hurdley, Chris Tarr and Tom Savery won all 32 sets played, a record that can never be beaten!

Singling out individual players for special praise is difficult with 13 divisions to choose from, but, the following players who all stayed undefeated made very significant contributions for their sides – Lui Kuan (Drumpchapel Glasgow II), Patrick Thomas (Ormesby II), Ewan Liddle (Mossford I), Igor Morais (DHS Greenhouse Progress IV), Sam Walker (Bribar Redlands Rookies), Brian Garraway (Bournemouth Sports) and Dave Butler (Hastings).

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South (including South & West)
South & Midlands

By Steve Kerns