The junior boys singles are running according to the form book with all of the top 4 players making it through to the quarter-final stage, play was close with two of the four matches were extremely close with Grey and Zilesnick knowing each others games inside out, often taking it to 5 sets, as is a similar case for Lowe and Cullen, who are often seen in each others corners when not competing against each other.

Rd 2
Evans bt. Freeman 3-0
Cowan bt. Placid 3-2
Facey-Thompson bt. Giles 3-1
Weerasinghe bt. Scutts 3-0
Morais bt Lunn 3-1
Anderson bt. Wilson 3-1
Nutland bt. Knowles 3-0
Walker bt Lawrence 3-0
Zilesnick bt. Lo 3-0
Ward bt. McTiernan 3-2
Morais bt Downing 3-1
Gray bt. Maynard 3-0
Lowe bt. Sussex 3-0
Mariano bt. Harrison 3-2
Mosses bt. Outhwaite 3-2
Cullen bt. Langham Ferrier 3-2

Rd 3
Evans bt. Placid 3-0
Weerasinghe bt. Facey-Thompson 3-1
Morais bt. Anderson 3-0
Walker bt. Nutland 3-0
Zilesnick bt. Ward 3-1
Gray bt. Morais 3-0
Lowe bt. Harrison 3-0
Moses bt. Cullen 3-2

Evans bt. Weerasinghe 3-1
Walker bt. Morias 3-1
Zilesnick bt. Gray 3-1
Cullen bt. Lowe 3-2

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