Sandbach School in Cheshire is planning to kick-off their National Table Tennis Day celebrations with an exciting ‘Choose Your Weapon’ event – taking place after school on the 17th July.

The event will follow a more traditional ‘Challenge the Teacher’ competition where half a dozen members of staff have put their neck on the line to bravely challenge the pupils who are hoping to experience a little term-time ‘revenge’.

Anyone from the school can take part with a ‘turn up and play’ policy in force while there will also be spare tables for the boys to use, including a large ’round the table’ game to take place throughout.

Following on from the use of the traditional equipment, the ‘Choose Your Weapon’ event will test the ingenuity and creativity of the school’s staff and pupils.

Dr Fiona Davidson, Events and Communications Manager for Sandbach School, said: “This was an idea just to have a bit of fun – we have our teachers choosing an item other than a table tennis bat to play with, for example Mr Huddlestone who teaches catering, will be using a frying pan!

“Table tennis is a minority sport here as we are really better known more for the traditional team games but we have a table tennis club that runs every week. Table tennis is played by boys in PE lessons and is popular with a large group of students.

“We have chosen to be involved in this event as it will hopefully encourage more students to get involved in sport/activity.  It’s an opportunity to have a bit of fun in the last week of term too.”

Sandbach School also has table tennis tables available for hire by members of the public so if you’re in the local area and like to pick up a table you can by contacting the school either on their website or Facebook pages.