The Rose Johnson Bowl, a 4-a-side handicap event organised by the Leicestershire County Table Tennis Association in which every point counts, is one which constantly throws up close tussles and excellent individual performances.

In this event the four players play against all four of the opposition one game up to 21 with the whole teams handicapped, virtually the average of the four players, with one team normally receiving points for the whole match so, literally, every point counts.

At the Quarter Final stage all four matches were close, not least of all Electricity second’s 286-283 win over Abbots Road when, unusually, the teams started level.  Geoff Hancock finished with +22 for AR but the sparks were stronger in depth with Dave Cox +23, Dave Silvester +12, Paul Webster +6 and Dave Bray the fourth player.

Knighton Park had five of the last eight teams involved and their thirds beat their first team 304-301, the latter with a 32 points start.  Star was 14-year-old Aman Rashid who finished at +40 for the winners, although Robert Geary did his bit, needing 14 against the higher graded James Morley in the final game, Geary scored 17 to squeeze home.

Other results included a 321-316 win for KP fifth (receiving 84) over KP fourth despite good efforts by Jack Mooney (+40) and George McClurkin (+37).  Abbots Road 2nds took full advantage of a 92 points start against KP 2nds who had division one players in the side, just holding out for a 326-310 victory.  All four AR players finished with negative scores but Vishal Parmar, Trev Drury, Bradley Gannon and Ross Adams did enough.

John Bowness

Publicity Officer.