It’s nothing unusual to see Ronnie O’Sullivan striding up to a green table ready to play, only, it isn’t usually a table tennis table.

The three-time snooker World Champion, known for his rapid style of play – giving him the nickname ‘The Rocket’, was seen having a knock-up with some of our own British League players.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Old Harlow, BATTS has been improving year on year since their move to their new home six years ago.

More than £300,000 has been spent on making it the perfect table tennis centre and evidently it’s working as recently O’Sullivan walked through the doors. Neil Brierley, club organiser at BATTS, said: “He was a true gentleman and spent over two hours playing with juniors, signing autographs and chatting in the cafe upstairs

He admitted he’d hardly played before but it came as no surprise that he quickly grasped the subtleties of spin.”

O’Sullivan, world record holder for the fastest 147 break in just five minutes and 20 seconds and also the holder for the second highest number of competitive century breaks – an ominous 666, perhaps has found a new sport?

Brierly said: “Being a World Champion at a second sport might be a tough ask but he demonstrated that with hard work he might be capable of wielding the bat with the same mastery as he handles his more familiar cue.” He added: “We hope to welcome him back soon!”

O'Sullivan pictured with two BATTS juniors, James and Emma Knudsen