Feedback from players who competed at the Crawley Grand Prix – the first event of the revamped series – has been overwhelmingly positive.

The event attracted a field of just under 200 and a survey was sent out to all those for whom we had email addresses, asking for opinions on a wide range of questions relating either to the individual event or the wider series, including the new entry fee and prizemoney structures this season.

The vast majority of those who responded said the lower entry fees were an improvement and that increasing prizemoney for individual Grands Prix by scrapping the series prizemoney was a positive step, although a smaller number felt the entry fees were still expensive.

The general organisation of the event, the format of Bands and the quality of the K2 venue came in for praise, as did the Referee Steve Smith and the rest of the officials.

Other positive comments were made concerning the Grand Prix events being a good chance to play against top-class opponents and to socialise with other competitors.

There were some suggestions for new Grand Prix venues and for ways to improve the events, ranging from creating consolation draws and playing finals as showcase matches, to which balls are used, better marketing and trying to encourage more spectators.

The responses also revealed that only 6% of competitors entered by sending in a paper entry form, while the rest entered online.

All those who replied – there were more than 50 – were entered into a draw to win a free Grand Prix entry, and the name selected at random was Joshua Bruce.

Carol Miles, Competitions and Events Manager at Table Tennis England said: “We are very pleased with the number of responses we received and the constructive tone of all of them.

“We will take all views on board as we try to give all players the best possible experience at our events.”

A survey will also be sent out after the Preston Grand Prix, which takes place on November 3 and 4. Entries are still open for Preston:

Click here to enter online

Click here to download a paper entry form