A few weeks ago a message was circulated on behalf of Tony Chatwin, ETTA Honorary Life Member, who was trying to organise a reunion of umpires. It was hoped to hold the reunion on the Saturday evening at the National Senior Championships in Sheffield in March but unfortunately, for a number of reasons, this hasn’t been possible.

After further discussion it is now hoped that the reunion can be held on the occasion of the ETTA 100 Club Dinner. The 100 Club will be holding its annual dinner on the Saturday evening of the ETTA AGM on Saturday July 12th, 2014 at Milton Keynes.

Tony Chatwin and ETTA President Doreen Stannard would like to use the 100 Club dinner as a base for the umpires’ reunion and all umpires are therefore invited to the 100 club dinner at Milton Keynes on 12/7/14. If you can attend can you please let Tony Chatwin ([email protected] ) and Doreen Stannard ([email protected]) know at the earliest opportunity.

It is possible that umpires may not be able to attend the 100 Club dinner so it is intended to use the umpires’  annual table tennis tournament dinner on June 14th, 2014 at Derby as an alternative umpires’ reunion. The Association of English Table Tennis Umpires (AETTU) will already be holding the tournament dinner on that date and there should be about 35 umpires and guests already attending (based on the 2013 figures). It would be a good opportunity to welcome other active and retired umpires to join us for dinner.

On behalf of Tony and Doreen it is requested that the senior umpires amongst us contact our retired colleagues and inform them about the reunion dinners at MK or Derby. If you are aware of any colleagues who wish to attend either of the venues can you please let Tony or Doreen know at the earliest opportunity.

We have agreed a closing date of Sunday March 30th, 2014 for notifications so that we can arrange the necessary catering and accommodation.

John Mackey (February 19, 2014)