The Phil Reid Memorial Trophy is an annual table tennis handicap event to commemorate one of the hardest workers in the local game and is extremely popular, being played at the Knighton Park club over the holiday period in groups to provide an exciting start to the second half of the season in good style with a finals day.

In two groups of six it was two juniors who prevailed, both unbeaten in their group. Karen Smith, one of the top players in the local league, was the holder but soon went down against Aman Rashid who received eight points per game and made full use 21-15, 21-18.

In this group Jim Burdett had beaten Simon Aldis to throw up a possible group winner but he then came up against Rashid who was in great form. Rashid gave nine away this time but still came through 21-19, 21-18.

Could anyone stop the youngster? Dean Jordan had won two out of two and, because of the set up of playing against four in a six-player group, would miss Rashid. However, Jordan went down in three games to Burdett who ultimately finished second behind Rashid who completed four out of four victories.

In the other group Jovan Matijas started off very well by beating Adam Petitt in three and looked a likely contestant. But when Ashley Palmer defeated Kevin Trueman 21-17, 21-7 before following up with a 21-16, 21-13 victory over Matijas the emphasis swung dramatically.

Thomas Oravec has been showing good form this term and won his first two sets and it was his set again Palmer which was to be the decider, Palmer just getting home 22-20 in the third after receiving five points.

The final was a truly memorable affair with Ashley Palmer receiving seven per game against Aman Rashid his younger but more experienced young player at 14. Palmer won the first 21-17 but Rashid dug deep to win the second 21-18 before going on to shade the decider 22-20 in a fitting climax to an excellent event very well organised by Andy Wright.

Group results (showing what the loser received or gave away).

Group One
Aman Rashid beat Karen Smith (-8) 15, 18. beat Jim Burdett (+9) 19, 18. beat Jamie Mullineaux (+6) 19, -18, 23. beat Simon Aldis (+9) 19, -16, 19.
Jim Burdett beat Aldis (+2) -11, 20, 13. beat Smith (-13) 9, -15, 15. beat Dean Jordan (-6) -18, 12, 18.
Dean Jordan beat Mullineaux (+3) 21, 11. beat Aldis (+7) 19, -14, 19.
Karen Smith beat Mullineaux (+11) 16, 17.
Jamie  Mullineaux beat Aldis (+6) 13, 19.

Group Two
Ashley Palmer beat Kevin Trueman (-4) 17, 7. beat Jovan Matijas (+6) 16, 13. beat Tomas Oravec (-5) 16, -18, 20. beat Ross Adams (-8) 18, 5.
Jovan Matijas beat Adam Pettitt (-3) -17, 17, 13. beat Trueman (-8) 7, 19. beat Oravec (-9) 21, 19.
Tomas Oravec beat Adams (-5) -17, 5, 17. beat Pettitt (+8) 18, 21.
Ross Adams beat Pettitt (+10) 18, -10, 16. beat Trueman (+6) -17, 17, 12.

John Bowness Publicity Officer (January 13, 2014)