The January rankings have been re-run to add results which impact upon invitations to the Senior National Championships & Cadet National Cup.

We were aware that a small number of players competed in certain tournaments in December in order to remain active on the rankings list.

However, results from those competitions were not received by Table Tennis England in time for the rankings publication date and those players were therefore listed as inactive when the rankings were published.

As this was a known inaccuracy in the rankings, it was decided to carry out a re-run to include the results. This also ensures that invitations to the National Championships and Cup are based on as complete a picture as possible. We recognise that a small number of players will be impacted negatively by the re-run but ask for their understanding that it is in everyone’s interests that the rankings are as accurate as possible.

This issue was out of the direct control of Table Tennis England. However, we will review publication dates and the way results are handled, particularly in months when the rankings lists are used for event invitations, in order to try to prevent a similar situation arising in future.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.