The starting ranking lists for the 2019/20 season are now due to be published on Tuesday, after verification of the final lists for the 2018/19 season has been completed over the weekend.

We had previously expected to release this today (Friday) but due to unforeseen circumstances, this has now been delayed.

A new ranking run is taking place today – which takes around eight hours to complete – and further checks will take place over the weekend to ensure this is correct.

The annual 10% reduction in rankings will then be applied on Monday, September 2 to create the starting ranking lists for the new season, with a view to publishing these on our website on Tuesday.

Please be aware that these will not be available in an individual’s account until the next ranking run. However, the ranking run will be viewable on the Table Tennis England’s website.

In future, members can view their rankings via their TT Memberships account, under the Ranking tab.

We apologise for any inconvenience but are fully confident that the new, fully automated process will in future produce robust and accurate monthly rankings.

Why has there been a delay?

As previously reported, we have been looking into discrepancies in a small number of players’ ranking points, which came to light when the latest lists were published earlier this month.

These discrepancies occurred because, in transferring the rankings from the old platform to the new one powered by Sport:80, some previously manual calculations became automated.

When the latest ranking lists were produced, using the automatic calculations in line with the Rankings Guidelines, it became apparent that some previous manual calculations included inconsistencies which did not come to light at the time.

Some players may notice variances in their rankings as the inconsistencies have been removed. All calculations have been carried out in accordance with the Ranking Guidelines (please see page 8 for explanation of how the calculations are made).

If you have any queries which fall outside the Ranking Guidelines, please contact [email protected]