The way ranking lists are calculated is changing for the 2014-15 season.

The new system introduced by Table Tennis England promises to be more accurate, faster and fairer than the previous system.

The new rankings will be based on a season running from August 1 to July 31 each year. Ratings and rankings lists will be published every month on a set date.

The most significant change is that results from a tournament will be applied from the date of that tournament, rather than the date on which the results are entered.

This means that a player’s rating becomes more fluid – it will be re-calculated after each tournament they play in(or in British League after each team match) and the new figure carried forward into their next team match or event.

This differs from the previous system, whereby the rankings were worked out from a set rating at the start of each month.

In addition, any input errors will be corrected from the tournament date, rather than the date of receipt.

The new system will also decrease the time needed for unrated players to achieve their initial ranking and appear on the list.

In another change, players will be able to collect points in both their own category as well as that of the event – for example, two Juniors playing each other in a Senior event will gain or lose points in both the Junior and Senior ranking lists.

Players who play in events for which they are not eligible will no longer generate any ranking points for themselves or their opponents.

From early September, all ranked players will be able to view their results and ratings for the season in their membership area.

An example of a busy player will look like this:

The ranking points table, bonus table and weightings table remain unchanged. There is also no change to the ranking point exchange, ITTF points exchange values or Starter Points values or for matches between boys and girls.

For full details of the rankings system, click here