Simon Price (picture courtesy of Marc West/Oxford Mail)

Teenager Simon Price says he is “chuffed” to be chosen to carry the Queen’s Baton on the way to the Commonwealth Games.

The 16-year-old, who plays and coaches at Kidlington Forum TTC, will be a baton bearer in Oxford on June 6.

He was nominated by the Oxfordshire Sports Partnership in recognition of his playing, coaching and volunteering record.

As well as being a two-time Oxfordshire junior champion, he coaches younger players at Kidlington and is part of the team promoting Ping! in Oxford.

He said: “I came home from school one day and my mum told me I had been selected to carry the baton. I wasn’t aware I was nominated in the first place, so it was quite a big shock.

“I was really chuffed. I couldn’t really believe it, it’s quite a big honour.”

Simon, from Wootton near Abingdon, has been playing since he was about 10 and has also qualified as a Level 1 coach. He hopes to take a Sport & Exercise Science degree after finishing his A-Levels next summer.

He said: “My nan has a table in her garden and I was playing against her and my granddad and I really enjoyed it, so I found out about local clubs.

“I played at Abingdon Leisure Centre and then moved to Kidlington. The coach I had there, Karl Bushell, really inspired me to do the coaching side of things as well.

“It makes you focus a lot more on what you’re getting people to do and it gives you a better understanding of your own game when you come to play in competitions.”

Simon will be joined by fellow table tennis player Jonny Pemberton as a baton bearer in Oxford. Table Tennis England director Mike Smith will carry the baton in Leicester – click here to read more.