Purpose of the competition

The PL4S Virtual competition has been organised in order to offer a different kind of competition for participants in the clubs.

It will engage large numbers of young people on various sites across the country, and provide the opportunity to take part in a national competition without leaving the club site.

It is inclusive, as all young people aged 11-16 can take part irrespective of their gender or ability, providing they are registered with a hub or satellite club.  

It gives them an opportunity to improve basic table tennis skills, along with speed and hand eye co-ordination.

Participants get the opportunity of improving their scores, and therefore their skills, as they can keep taking part in the activities until the deadline for submission of scores. It will contribute towards developing an ethos of regular skills training and repetition of core skills.

Records will be set in each activity, making this a target for subsequent competitions.

This is another opportunity for PL clubs to compete against each other.

It is a convenient way of running a big competition, as there are no regional rounds to complete, and no need to organise travel to a central venue.

The competition can be completed over a longer period of time, in a venue that participants feel comfortable in, taking the pressure off competitors.

It is a great PR opportunity for the PL4S programme.

Please see the attached for further guidance.

Virtual Competition Activity Cards

Competition Guidelines

Club Record Sheet

Sequence of Events

Coach Guidelines

PL4S Coordinator Guidelines