The latest update to TT Leagues has provided a stack of improvements and enhanced features – as user feedback on the platform continues to be overwhelmingly positive.

The update, carried out just before the bank holiday weekend, is the latest in a series of improvements rolled out since the platform was launched at the start of the 2019/20 season. The changes are listed at the bottom of this article.

Many of the changes are based on feedback and requests from users, in particular league administrators who play a key role in helping us to develop TT Leagues, which is available to all leagues and clubs as part of their affiliation fees to Table Tennis England.

The programme of improvements since day one is reflected in the results of our recent membership satisfaction survey.

Respondents were asked to give marks out of 10 for TT Leagues at the start of the season and at the time of the survey, when league play was suspended due to coronavirus.

Out of 594 responses, encompassing the views of both league administrators and players, the average mark at the start of the season was 6 and the average at the time of the survey had risen to 8.

This positive movement is reflected in what league and club administrators are telling us.

Richard Cullis, secretary of the Malvern League for 15 years and who also plays in Worcester League and Hereford League, said of TT Leagues: “I think it’s a great website overall. You conferred with everyone beforehand and throughout, you listened to what we wanted, said when it would be provided and then met those deadlines, which is great.

“It’s very user friendly and easy to follow and it takes minutes to set up an actual league. It feeds straight into the membership pages so you can see exactly who’s paid and who hasn’t and it’s easy to chase people up.

“I like the fact you can send emails to groups of people or even the whole league. We heard of someone using a venue during lockdown and we were able to send an email to the whole league to remind them not to do that.”

Richard said the mobile app associated with TT Leagues was a particular benefit, adding: “You can put results in wherever you are and it’s good that you can enter your results from any league.

“I play in three leagues and rather than go into three individual websites, the app tells me all my fixtures and where I’m playing, and you can enter all your results. It’s more a personal app than a league app and it’s a real time-saver.”

TT Leagues also aims to make things easier for clubs. One of those to be particularly active is Great Horkesley TTC in Essex, whose administrator Phil Wolski said: “When the new site came in, I wasn’t best pleased at first, but it turned out it was very easy to use.

“It’s easy to do things like photo galleries, embed videos and publish information about us, our news, history and our teams. I don’t know what else a club would really need and the content management system is really easy to use.

“What our members want is to be able to click on fixtures and averages without having to go to the league website, and they can do that.”

In the membership survey, a total of 235 respondents gave a mark of either 9 or 10 to TT Leagues at the time of the survey. However, we realise there is still work to do. We value feedback on TT Leagues to continually assess potential system developments and encourage any current or potential new users to please contact [email protected] if they have any questions or comments.

We also received a lot of comments about suggested improvements, many of which are already planned or have been introduced in the latest update.

The subject which attracted most comments was local rankings, something Table Tennis England is exploring and on which we will update in the next few weeks.

All feedback will be considered as we continue to make sure TT Leagues evolves and is the best possible platform for league management in the country.


The latest update included:

  • Latest national news displayed on the homepage
  • List of archived league competitions on public website
  • Resend a previously created message
  • Preview selected recipients before sending a message
  • Save messages to draft for sending later
  • Export of data covering members, clubs or teams
  • Action tracking for postponed matches
  • Re-order content items within menu groups
  • Setup default news article image
  • Ability to change the ordering of divisions
  • Improved display when a league runs multiple competitions concurrently
  • Added ability to change competition menu layout
  • Start date added as a divisional override
  • Reserve rules added in the divisional overrides
  • Reserves clearly identified on Results-entry card
  • Add skipped weeks to multiple divisions
  • Points adjustments now uses arrow keys for entering positive and negative numbers
  • Added “(s)” next to those that have stepped up in the averages table
  • Match card navigates to the top on submission to verify score is correct
  • Colour coding in the reserves management area for clear indications of reaching limits
  • Add club information pages on information page of website
  • A small number of bug fixes