Triple Nationals winner Sam Walker will be heading to Portugal

The England team for the Portuguese Youth Open next month is heading abroad with a strong spine of Junior and Cadet players.

Out of the ten players who are heading to Portugal, there are three English number ones, three number twos and a further three number threes.

The ten players selected were all winners at the recent Cadet and Junior Nationals in Hatfield with titles ranging from the Junior Boys’ Singles to the Cadet Girls’ Doubles.

In fact, of the 14 winners at the Cadet and Junior Nationals only Emily Bolton (who won the Cadet Girls’ Doubles title with Tin-Tin Ho) will not be travelling to Portugal.

The players selected by the ETTA for the 19th Portuguese Youth Open from 16-18 December 2011 are:

Junior Boys: Sam Walker, Igor Morais and Lewis Gray

Junior Girls: Jessica Dawson, Yolanda King and Abbie Milwain

Cadet Boys: Helshan Weerasinghe and Sam Mabey

Cadet Girls: Tin-Tin Ho and Maria Tsaptsinos

Coaches: Nick Jarvis, Matthew Stanforth, Stephen Gertsen and Helen Lower