Horsham Spinners have enjoyed success on both Day 2 and Day 3 of the National Cadet League in their home town in recent weeks.

Day 2 report

Division 1

Horsham Spinners A again won in Division 1, but did not have it all their own way this time. They won 4 matches but drew with 2nd placed Graham Spicer A and only ended up 1 point ahead of them.

However, on total points won (including both Days 1 & 2), Horsham Spinners A lead by 9 points over Graham Spicer A. Ed Cozens for Spinners A excelled from the no. 3 position, winning 10/10. John Strang playing for Horsham Spinners B at the no. 1 position, also won 10/10, thus saving them from relegation. Graham Spicer B, who won Division 2 on Day 1, go straight back down to Division 2 for Day 3, as they finished 6th.

Division 2

The top 4 teams were only separated by 4 points in a close division. Darenth A, who came 2nd in Division 2 on Day 1, came 1st on Day 2, 1 point ahead of 2nd placed South Croydon B. Darenth won 3 matches & drew 2 and will join highest echelon for Day 3.

The best individual average (8/10) was achieved by both Saskia Key (Darenth A) from the no. 1 position and by Jamar McGlaushin (Brighton City B) from the no. 3 position.

Guildford A finished bottom of the table, 2 points behind South Croydon C, in spite of beating them 4-2 in the final match and so Guildford A will be in Division 3 for Day 3.

Division 3

Brighton City C, relegated from Division 2 on Day 1, will go straight back up to Division 2 for Day 3, as they won Division 3 on Day 2 on count-back with Graham Spicer C, who won Division 4 on Day 1.

Both of these teams won 20 points, but since Brighton beat Spicers 5-4, they go up.

Daniel Clark from Spicers, topped the averages, with a cool 9/9. Louis Treffel of Brighton came 2nd with 8/9. Horsham Spinners D came bottom and will be in Division 4 on Day 3.

Division 4

Brighton City D, who came 2nd in Division 4 on Day 1 won Division 4 by a very large margin on Day 4 and are therefore promoted to Division 3 for Day 3. Darenth C, who were a player short, still managed to get 2nd place, despite losing to 4th placed Horsham Spinners E.

Aidan Bryson of Brighton D got 100% in the averages, with 9/9 and was well supported by team mate, Luke Rickett, in 2nd place, with 8/9.

Day 2 league tables

Day 2 averages

Day 3 report

Division 1

Horsham Spinners A yet again won in Division 1, with 5 wins out of 5 this time, 3 points ahead of Graham Spicer A, whom they beat easily 5-1, On total points Spinners A leads by 12 points, so look sure to win the division on Day 4.

Ed Cozens, promoted to the no. 1 position on the Spinners A team, after winning 10/10 last time at the no. 3 position, repeated the achievement at the difficult no. 1 position. The next best average was Sam Watts, also from Horsham Spinners A, who won 9/10 from the no. 3 position. Darenth A, promoted from Division 2 last time, found the going too tough and will re-join Division 2 for the final day.

Division 2

Brighton City B which was initially placed in Division 1 on Day 1, has managed to climb back up there, having been relegated on Day 1. Jamar McGlaushin of Brighton B had a perfect record on Day 3 with 10/10, despite being pushed up to the no. 1 position on the team.

Graham Spicer B, relegated from Division 1 on Day 2 came 2nd. In second place in the averages, with 9/10 from the no. 2 position, also from City B, was Tom Nguyen.

South Croydon C, who narrowly avoided relegation from Division 2 on Day 2 unfortunately made an error. They played out of order and two of their 4 wins vs relegation candidates Brighton City C, were matches which should not have been played if they had played in the correct order. Therefore these 2 matches were awarded as walkovers to Brighton City C, which reversed the position of these 2 teams in the table and caused Croydon C to be relegated.

If Croydon C had played in the correct order and still won 4-2, they would not have been relegated. Therefore please do ensure to play in the correct order if you are in Divisions 1 or 2. This is the first time that playing out of order has affected promotion or relegation in all the years I have been refereeing NCL & NJL.

Division 3

Guildford A, relegated from Division 2 on Day 2 will go straight back up again or Day 4, as they finished 5 points clear of their nearest rivals, Graham Spicer C.

Topping the averages was Max Flint from Guildford, with 9/9, closely followed by team mate, James Scott and Oliver Cheung of Graham Spicer C, both on 8/9. Darenth B, missing their no. 1 player, got relegated to Division 4 for Day 3.

Division 4

Horsham Spinners D, who were relegated from Division 3 on Day 2, will return there for Day 4, as they won Division 4 on Day 3, 4 points ahead of Darenth C.

The 3 Spinners D players topped the averages, with Jayan Miah on 8/9, and Harry Francis & Alain Shibu both on 7/9. Oscar Owen of Darenth C also got 7/9. Nice to see that 2 players from the bottom team Horsham Spinners E, both picked up some wins for the first time.

Day 3 leagues tables

Day 3 averages