The face of the Fred Perry Urban Cup, Darius Knight is the explosive three times national under-21 champion who frequently represents England on the ITTF Pro Tour.

Knight’s ‘underdog’ story has led him to become a role model for table tennis and an Ambassador for UK Sport.


Darius Knight

Date of birth:



York Gardens and Barrow Table Tennis Club

Who are you?

My name is Darius Knight. I’m from south London Battersea and I’m 21 and I love superman, and table tennis 🙂

Proudest moment:

Representing England for the first time when I was 12 in the under 12 Euro kids camp!

When/how did you get involved with table tennis:

I got involved with table tennis when I was 10, I got involved because at the time it was the fashion all of the older boys used to play so me being the little kid I just wanted to do what they do. Plus I was very bad at it and I wanted to improve and be the best among my friends and the older boys

What does the Olympics mean to you?

For me its everything, its the start of my career, nothing better than kicking it off in your own back garden. I will be 21 so in table tennis terms that’s quite young as the older players play till about 35-50 depending on how fit you are and if you stay injury free. A chance to show people from the UK how table tennis is played as it’s considered as a low sport.

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