Table Tennis England has announced which make of plastic balls will be used at upcoming tournaments.

The South Shields Grand Prix on October 4 and 5 is the first to feature plastic balls, and GP events at Bristol in November and Nottingham in December will follow suit.

The Cadet and Junior National Championships in Preston in November will also use plastic balls.

Supplies of the balls have been secured – players will be able to buy them from the official equipment suppliers to the tournaments, as below:

October 4/5: South Shields GP – Stag 3* poly ball (Tees Sport)

November 15/16: Bristol GP – JOOLA Super 3* poly ball (Bribar)

November 23/23: Cadet & Junior National Championships – Stag 3* poly ball (Tees Sport)

December 6/7: Nottingham GP – Stag 3* poly ball (Tees Sport)