The Ping! Leicester launch at the Riverside Festival

Ping! Leicester got off to a fantastic start on launch day as part of the city’s Riverside Festival weekend – with an estimated 1,000 people playing over the course of the two days.

Officially, the tables opened at noon on Saturday and Sunday but there were people playing from 10.30am on both days. The tables were never empty from noon onwards, with a conservative estimate of 80 people playing every hour.

Participants said the tables across the city were being heavily used already due to the previous legacy work. They were also directed to other opportunities that are taking place across the city, both indoors and outdoors.

Some of the recreational players were interested in being coached and taking part in local competitions, while others were asking where they can get bats and balls so they can play on the permanent outdoor tables on a social level.

The tables are located across the city all year round, so it is convenient and easy for everyone to play so get involved with this fun free activity.

Helen Lower
June 11, 2015