ETTA Girl’s Pilot Coaching Project Bournemouth

On Tuesday evenings this term, eight to ten enthusiastic players have been attending weekly coaching sessions specifically for girls; the first of its kind in Bournemouth.

These new sessions are increasing the profile of table tennis as a ‘challenging and exciting’ sport for girls. The structure, timing and location of these sessions have taken into consideration the 2004 ETTA survey of female players’ likes and dislikes about the sport.

Alongside Jo Kuzu, Dorset Development Coach, female coaches have also included Ally Broe (South Regional Coach) and Hannah McErlane a top County Junior Player herself.

With ‘fun’ and opportunities to chat, strongly supported by Ally, the girls are making great strides forward. The sessions hopefully will continue again next term.

Many thanks to the ETTA for their financial support. And finally to the fantastic Bournemouth coaching team, who make these projects possible.

James Lewis (Dorset Development Coach)