With the pandemic affecting the operation of many club table tennis venues, one coach has turned to his local Ping Pong Parlour to help him deliver sessions.

Rory Scott used the Parlour in Swan Walk Shopping Centre in Horsham for a one-to-one session with a local league player and says he hopes to continue the practice while other venues may not be available.

The Level 3 coach, who is head coach at Horsham Spinners TTC, said: “It was good. We didn’t have to make many adaptations – it’s very easy to stay up the other end of the table and demonstrate from there.

“It’s ideal really at a time when venues aren’t available. The local schools aren’t taking bookings and we’re using a village hall but there are other bookings there and limited availability.

“It’s also handy for me as I live in Horsham and it’s closer. I’m sure I’ll do other sessions there – there’s no reason not to.”

The Parlour is one of the first in the country to re-open and has covid-safe procedures in place, as the video below shows.

Rory believes that fostering links between Parlours and local clubs can only benefit the sport.

He said: “If social players and players who used to play see it in the shopping centre then it’s a good advertisement for the local clubs – they can find out where they can play if they want to take it to the next level.”

Greg Yarnall, Table Tennis England’s Head of Development and Volunteering, said: “This is a great showcase of how the club and Ping! worlds of table tennis can combine to benefit everyone who loves the game and offer opportunities for clubs to provide different playing opportunities and attract new players.

“We will continue to look at ways in which we can link local Ping Pong Parlours with clubs when they start opening up.”