Joanna Parker and Kelly Sibley secured their fifth, and fourth consecutive, Women’s Doubles title after a straight games victory over the young pair of Jess Dawson and Chloe Whyte.

The tone was laid down early by the firm favourites, taking the first four points of the match against their nervous opponents. Although Whyte and Dawson did pull out some big winners in the opening game, they were outplayed by the defending champions who took the opener 11-5.

A 6-1 lead in the second game, further embellished the pattern of the match as England’s no. 1 and 2 proved no match for the heavy underdogs from Cleveland. Whyte and Dawson had the ideal right-hand, left-hand combination but were unable to make it count as Parker and Sibley stormed game two 11-3.

When the third game quickly fell as well, the title was secured in dominant fashion for the fourth year in a row.

Joanna Parker/Kelly Sibley bt Jess Dawson/Chloe Whyte 3-0 (11-5, 11-3, 11-3)


Parker and Sibley were severely tested by the young duo of Tin-Tin Ho and Maria Tsaptsinos in their semi-final before they could progress in four games.

Unsurprisingly they took the lead with an 11-6 game but more to the defending champions surprise they were pegged back 11-9 in the second. The youngsters were then left to regret missed opportunities in both the third and fourth games as their chance at a final appearance slipped away.

Leading 10-9 in the third they succumbed 12-10, before a similar 9-7 lead in the fourth also left their grasp 11-9 with the more experienced pair progressing.

Parker and Sibley’s final opponents, Jess Dawson and Chloe Whyte, mounted their own successful comeback to win their semi-final against Karina Le Fevre and Emma Vickers.

Although the pair began well, winning the opening game, they lost the second 11-4 and were guilty of spurning three game points in the third to lose it 16-14. However, the duo weren’t done their and held their nerve in a tight fourth game 11-9 before winning the decider 11-7.