Ciaran Walsh made a successful debut for Oxford B

National Cadet League (South), Sunday 13th October

When John Birkin asked for the two young Oxford teams to be put in Divisions 2 and 4 at the start of the year, he didn’t expect league organiser, Mike Atkinson’s call to put them in Divisions 1 and 3 to be such a success. Birkin said: “I was pleased with the fine efforts of Josh Selby and Reece Chamdal in the top division – they are still very young cadets (aged 12 and 11 respectively), but competed for the team with great determination and intensity.

“Even more striking were the “unsung heroes”, Joe McKenna-Jones battling tremendously well to win 6/9 for the A team, newcomer Edward Beccle holding the B team together with 9/9, 10 year-old Harry Maldonado winning two matches, and last, but certainly not least, Ciaran Walsh, called in to replace the ailing John Ho, and winning a splendid 5/6.”

Joe McKenna-Jones took a maximum for Oxford against Reading

Division 1
Team results:
Oxford A 7-2 Cippenham
Oxford A 8-1 Reading
Wembley and Harrow 5-4 Oxford A

Individual results:
Josh Selby 6/9, Reece Chamdal 7/9, Joe McKenna-Jones 6/9

Division 3
Team results:
Oxford B 8-1 Reading C
Oxford B 5-4 Sussex Alliance Girls
Oxford B 8-1 Warren Spring A

Individual results:
Edward Beccle 9/9, Vicky Coll 5/6, Ciaran Walsh 5/6, Harry Maldonado 2/6

Written by John Birkin (October 14, 2013)