DTTB has closed the proceedings in the doping case of Dimitrij OVTCHAROV and has abolished the provisional suspension. Dimitrij OVTCHAROV is allowed to play immediately. DTTB has unanimously decided against the previous decision. The suspension of Russia’s Gazprom Orenburg also is lifted with immediate effect.

In the Dimitrij OVTCHAROV’S urine sample on the day after his return (August 23rd) from a Pro Tour tournament in China has been detected Clenbuterol. The doping test was considered positive by the Institute of Biochemistry, German Sport University Cologne. However, the hair sample voluntarily offered showed no evidence of clenbuterol and its abuse. Clenbuterol could be detected in the hair, if it had been used in high doses or longer term.
Accorrding to experts it also has been confirmed that clenbuterol must be taken several times over a long period in order to achieve a doping effect.

Most possible scenario is that the drug has been taken without OVTCHAROV’s knowledge by the meal that he eats in China. Experts presented a lot of evidences that in China there is known to be numerous cases of clenbuterol-tainted meat and the inclusion of clenbuterol in humans through food.

“Today a huge stone fell from my heart. With great relief and joy I have heard the news that the German Table Tennis Federation’s suspension is lifted. I am happy that all laboratory tests have been carried out by the world’s leading scientists, have proved my innocence. I thank all those who in spite of the positive samples believed in me and supported me in recent weeks. A nightmare comes to an end for me today. In particular, I thank the DTTB for the objective conduct of the proceedings. I suffered at the European Championships from the foot injury but now I am all right. I will concentrate now fully on the sport I love. I look forward to play in Germany, for my club GAZPROM Fakel Orenburg in the games in the Russian League and the European Champions League and to play at international tournaments,” stated Dimitrij OVTCHAROV.

Courtesy ETTU