To provide an environment that promotes and supports active, lifelong participation in Table Tennis at all levels whilst striving to identify and develop Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic/Paralympic Champions.

Our Mission

Working in partnership to create opportunities for all to enjoy the sport of Table Tennis, to stay in the sport and achieve their full potential.

Our Objectives

GROW – increase participation in Table Tennis with a focus on priority groups in the school, club and community sectors.

SUSTAIN – to provide a positive experience and retain people in Table Tennis through an effective network of accredited clubs, facilities, coaches, officials, volunteers, and competitive opportunities.

EXCEL – to achieve medal success at European, Commonwealth, World and Olympic/Parolympic level.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND MODERNISATION – to ensure we operate and deploy our resources with maximum efficiency, effectiveness and probity.

Our Role

To be the strategic lead for the development of Table Tennis in England.
To improve the quality of experience in Table Tennis of our members, customers and partners.
To inform, influence and persuade public opinion and key decision makers in sport of the benefits to society from participation and investment in Table Tennis.

It is intended that the whole sport plan outcomes will be delivered through the following interventions which all have specific delivery plans and targets.


Club development – developing a national network of high quality, accredited clubs with capacity to grow participation and improve satisfaction


Facilities – developing a national network of high quality specialist facilities and piloting innovation projects – outdoor table tennis, social media, workplace and youth clubs


Coaching – building a modernised workforce of qualified coaches at all levels to drive grow, sustain and excel


Volunteers – developing a well trained and supported network of officials, organisers and helpers to sustain and grow the sport at all levels


Children & Young People – providing entry routes, competition, coaching and leadership opportunities designed for a life time involvement in the sport


Adults (16+) – table tennis in the workplace


Marketing & Communications – raising the profile of the table tennis via a strategic, multi layered, and fully integrated brand marketing and communications campaign


Competitions – creating a single unified pathway that helps player development and is motivating, aspirational and appealing to all.


Talent development – building a clearly defined regional talent development system that increases the breadth and depth of the talent pool and links to the national performance programme


Adding value to the Whole Sport Plan – mission 2020 “making table tennis the most popular and successful indoor court sport in England”