A new partnership between Table Tennis England and TTFit Pro will revolutionise how our Licensed Coaches develop their skills and connect with their players and with our National Coaches.

TTFit Pro is an app which provides a number of features to help coaches and players develop.

Table Tennis England Licensed Coaches will be given exclusive access to the app as part of their annual Licence fee and can tap into a huge range of benefits.

TTFit Pro includes training plans, table tennis-specific exercises – including a section designed for children – and a ‘Smart Coach’ feature which creates exercises to help individual players work on their weaknesses.

Coaches can create their own sessions and share them with individual players or squad members, and also have access to an array of table tennis knowledge through interviews with and articles about the world’s best players and coaches.

The key element for our coaches is the Coach-Player Portal, which gives the player and coach the ability to communicate and set important aspects of their game, including goal planning, tournament and weekly schedules, monitoring key opponents, setting trigger words and even setting up their own custom areas.

There is an area to upload video content for coaches to analyse and share visual feedback with their players.

Table Tennis England Coach and Education Manager Aled Howell said the partnership would complement the Table Tennis England coaching pathway and support Licensed Coaches’ development, as well as helping them better understand and communicate with players and add to their knowledge-base.

He said: “We’re excited to be launching a partnership with TTFit. Our aim as a coaching team is to seek ways in which we can support our coaches and help them develop. TTFit provides a platform for this.

“It’s a practical tool that can up-skill our coaches with an array of professional knowledge from various experts, and tools to help our coaches from day to day. We are confident that this partnership is going to flourish and support the development of our coaches.”

TTFit founder Keith Knox added: “TTFit are absolutely thrilled to announce a partnership with Table Tennis England.

“We are delighted to be associated with such a world-class organisation. We look forward to building a long and successful relationship.”

Licensed Coaches will be sent details by email of how to access TTFit Pro. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Click here to download TTFit for Android

Click here to download TTFit for iOS

The Table Tennis England Performance Pathway will also be using the app to manage the players in the pathway and communicate with them and their club coaches.

Table Tennis England Programme Manager Matt Stanforth said: “We are very pleased to now be working in partnership with TT Fit.

“The app allows us and the players to share video clips of the work they are doing, and has the function to provide feedback and share that between a group of coaches that are working with the players. The app also has other great functions, such as the match analysis function which will help their development in a format that is quick and easy to use.

“The power of this connection through technology was clear, and is something we wanted to continue as we moved back into training.

“The TT Fit app allows us to not only stay connected with our players so we can direct the work they do at home, but also build the greater connection with the players’ local coach so that together we can support the players as much as possible and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction and working together.”