Table Tennis England has launched Mission 2025 – its vision of how the sport will grow and improve in the next 10 years.

The document, which is available on our website by clicking here, outlines the aims and ambitions we have set to drive the sport forward for all levels and ages.

In it we unveil the ‘Four P’s’ – Participation, Places, People and Performance – which will be the focus of our attention over the next decade.

We pledge to increase participation among adults, disabled people, in schools and our own membership; to grow the network of clubs and facilities; to increase the number of coaches, volunteers and officials and provide them with additional training and support; and to provide the support needed for our elite athletes to achieve on the world stage.

Mission 2025 was put together following extensive consultation with stakeholders at all levels of the sport, including players, clubs and leagues, officials and partner organisations such as Sport England.

It also underlines our values – respect, ambition, inclusion, teamwork, focus and excellence – and our guiding principles, which include listening and responding to all participants and being driven by their aims and ambitions.

Table Tennis England Chairman Sandra Deaton said: “We are very excited to launch Mission 2025, which is a roadmap for where we aim to take the sport to ensure players at all levels can enjoy and achieve in table tennis.

“There is no doubt we have set some challenging ambitions and targets but believe they are attainable and that we can work together to make table tennis a sport for all, for life!”

Chief Executive Sara Sutcliffe said: “Mission 2025 is the culmination of a period of widespread consultation with a large number of people and organisations.

“However, it is also only the beginning of our journey to make table tennis a sport that people will be proud to be a part of and that everybody is talking about.

“It sets out our commitments to current and future stakeholders and outlines targets which will allow us to measure progress along the way.

“I would urge everyone with an interest in table tennis to read Mission 2025 – and we would welcome feedback as we start out on our 10-year plan.”

A hard copy of Mission 2025 will be sent to all leagues and clubs on our database in the next few weeks. If your club or league does not receive one, please contact [email protected]