Six young players from the Ormesby Talent Development Centre have been training the Chinese way during a trip to Guangdong.

Samuel Kwan, Kieron Wardell, Charlotte Weatherby, Joshua Weatherby, Jasmin Wong and Gene McGhee, along with head coach Hong Peebles, attended the training camp.

The camp was led by the Guangdong regional team coach with seven additional coaches helping him, and a total of 80 players were invited, representing regional teams, city teams, Hong Kong, Macau and the England TDC team.

The first two days was a tournament, allowing the young England players to see how the Chinese players of the same age perform in competition.

After the tournament, the training camp started, consisting of six hours a day, working hard with Chinese players on multi-ball, single ball and technique under the guidance of top Chinese coaches. With advice on technique, footwork and speed, spin and control, all the players learned a lot from this camp.

The TDC players stayed in China during the Easter holidays and showed great team spirit and made lots of new friends. They also demonstrated that they can hit high standards similar to that of the other players at the camp.

The Ormesby players in China
The Ormesby players in China