Ormesby are Premier British League champions.

Despite a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Urban TTC, it was enough to secure them the title ahead of their nearest rivals after a pulsating year of thrills and spills.

Despite the valiant effort of Urban, their 4-1 defeat to Drumchapel in the penultimate round left them with just too much to do, with Ormesby needing just one set in their final day showdown to secure the title.

Urban claimed the first set. An impressive 3-1 doubles win for Szilard Gyorgy and Daniel Kosiba over Tianming Zhao and Darius Knight left the visitors believing they might just be able to pull off the unthinkable.

But those thoughts were quashed quickly. Tianyuan Liu dispatched of Daniel Kosiba 3-1, securing the title to the delight of the home support.

Valiantly and defiantly, Urban refused to give up, and they ultimately secured a fantastic result without their star player, the Japanese ace Satoshi Aida.

Kosiba defeated Knight in straight ends before Gyorgy outstandingly overcame Liu to ensure victory on the day.

But the war was won by Ormesby, with Zhao defeating Schaffer comfortably, ensuring they won the league by three points.

Meanwhile, Ormeau ended the season on a high with a 3-2 win over Drumchapel.

The match was decided in incredible circumstances, with Lucas Molland and Marc Duran engaging in a titanic tussle that eventually saw Molland prevail in the fifth… 23-21!

Molland had previously defeated Simon Berglund 3-1 while Thomas Earley defeated Yaser Razouk.

Drumchapel earned their sets through Berglund, who beat Gavin Maguire 3-0, while Duran and Razouk had won the doubles.

Drumchapel finished the season in third place despite the defeat, two points ahead or Ormeau.