Below are the FPUC documents for 2011. Please email [email protected] if you have any further queries.

FPUC 01 Briefing document

FPUC 02 Local Organiser Guide

FPUC 03 Risk assessment form

FPUC 04 Example press release

FPUC 05 a Awaiting New Poster

FPUC 05 b Awaiting New Poster

FPUC 06 Level 1 Player entry sheet

FPUC 07 Competitor check in form

FPUC 09 a Competition format examples Group of 3

FPUC 09 b Competition format examples Group of 4

FPUC 09 c Competition format examples Group of 5

FPUC 09 d Competition format examples Group of 6

Email [email protected] for editable MS Word versions of FPUC 09 a-d

FPUC 10 a Competition format 8 player knockout

FPUC 10 b Competition format 16 player knockout

FPUC 10 c Competition format 32 player knockout

Email [email protected] for editable MS Publisher versions of FPUC 10 a-c

FPUC 11 Knockout Match sheets

FPUC 12 a Level 1 winners certificate

FPUC 12 b Level 1 runners up certificate

FPUC 12 c Level 2 winners certificate

FPUC 12 d Level 2 runners up certificate

FPUC 13 Level 2 Hub Club entry and consent form

FPUC 13a Level 3 National Finals Consent Form

FPUC 14 Level 3 National finals Team entry form

FPUC 14a Regulations

FPUC 15 How to play (basic facts)

FPUC 16 Promotion & Pubilicity Competition Entry Form

FPUC 17 ETTA Regional Development manager contact sheet

FPUC 18 ETTA Junior Umpire Awards information leaflet

FPUC 19 ETTA Young Officials Award Organisers Guide

FPUC 20 FAQ’s -Frequently asked questions

FPUC 21 Code of Conduct for Players

FPUC 22 Code of Conduct for Team Staff