It is that time again and our online membership renewals have now opened.

Telephone renewals do not open until Monday 3rd August, so the best way to secure your membership for now is by clicking here and following the prompts.

We understand that we are asking you to renew during a time of uncertainty about when you can return to play, however we ask you to please show your support for a sport we all love by renewing your membership with Table Tennis England.

Your affiliation fees help fund an incredible amount of important work at grass roots level, as well as helping us unlock other funds so we can spend more on grass roots. In fact, for every £1 of membership fee income we receive, we invest £2 supporting grass roots table tennis, which amounts to almost £1 million annually.

That’s why we say that when you buy a membership with us you become more than a player – you become part of a bigger picture, part of the fabric of table tennis in England.

We released a letter from our Chairman, Sandra Deaton on July 7 addressing why your membership is vital now and for the future. Please click here to read the article.

As previously communicated to our members, Table Tennis England has refreshed our membership categories this year. Please click here to read more.

Please watch the video below outlining the new categories. Or click here to view our online guide to memberships.

Our Supporter and Club Play categories will be free for the 2020/2021 season. Our Compete (formerly Player Member) and Compete Plus (formerly Player Licence) categories will remain frozen at the same rates as the past two years.

Compete – Senior: £16; Cadet & Junior: £8

Compete Plus – Senior: £38; Cadet & Junior: £19

How to renew online

The easiest way and quickest way for members to renew or purchase their membership is online. To renew your membership for 2020/21 season please click here.

For help on how to renew, please watch the below video tutorial below.

If you are becoming a member for the first time, please watch this video tutorial:

If you have never logged into TT Memberships, you will need to recover your account first and re-set your password. To do this, you can use the recovery widget.

Want to renew by telephone?

Please note that membership and renewals for the 2020/21 are currently available online only. Telephone renewals will be available from Monday August 3, 2020.

Season Review – 2019/20

We’ve had some fantastic highlights and achievements this year – and we hope you have your own too. For a look back over the year and what we’ve achieved, watch our end of year review video below.