If you’re a massive table tennis fan but don’t know where to catch all of the latest news, why not head to the Table Tennis PRSS website?

Wesley Bush-Harris, a former Development Officer with the ETTA, has produced an innovative concept to keep you abreast off all the latest news both on and off the table.

Bush-Harris explains: “Have you seen Lionel Messi play table tennis? Did you read the blog about float serving Timo Boll? Have you seen the latest multi-ball video of the Chinese squad? Do you know the latest places to go clubbing and play table tennis? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, then you haven’t been to Table Tennis PRSS recently.”

The one-stop blog shop accrues table tennis news, views, blogs, social media and videos as they happen from around the world and places them onto one location. There is a huge amount of new information available all the time from table tennis websites, forums, bloggers and media producers waiting to be viewed.

It was Bush-Harris’ idea to bring these all together in one easy-to-use website: “Each piece of news has a time/date published, a headline, an image and an extract from the article – you can click to go through to the original publisher’s website to read the whole story if you want (or not!), catch up on your favourite blogger’s thoughts, watch the most current videos and know that these are the latest available.”

The site is free and both mobile and tablet friendly.

Why not check out Table Tennis PRSS for yourself or go on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/TableTennisPRSS