Joola players Chen Weixing and Jorg Rosskopf

Morpeth TTC has now evolved into Joola Morpeth TTC.

On behalf of the Club committee, John Payne was delighted to sign the 4 year deal with Bribar / Joola on the basis of their attractive development plan as well as the excellent equipment and team sponsorship deal.

This includes the option of exchange visits with other Joola clubs in Germany and perhaps other European countries, which can only help improve the standard of many players within the club not just the existing elite players such as Gavin Rumgay, Michael O’Driscoll, Lorestas Trumpauskas, Richard Andrews, Emran Hussain, Niall Cameron, Stephen Beerling , Sherwin Remata, and Tin Tin Ho.

To illustrate JOOLA’s commitment to the Club, this year they are sending two of their best known players, Jorg Rosskopf and Chen Weixing to support two other top German coaches during a summer camp to be held 26th – 30th August, including an exhibition event on the evening of Tuesday 27th – sorry all the places are already taken.

We are delighted that all the Under 18 places at the Joola Morpeth TTC summer camp will be free, including those for players invited from other London clubs. This was made possible by donations from various sources including £1,500 from the Canary Wharf Group , and forms part of the Club’s commitment to the development of table tennis within the Community.

Written by John Payne (August 27, 2013)