Ex-Olympian Iulia Necula with Aerobic TT Creator Steve Rowe

Aerobic Table Tennis is very excited to announce our new face of Aerobic Table Tennis, the Romanian International player Iulia Necula.

Necula is an ex-Olympian, so to have her part of the Aerobic TT team is very exciting. She will certainly inspire many young girls to take up the game of table tennis.

Steve Rowe, creator of Aerobic TT, said: ” I asked Iulia if she would join the project and help to try and increase girls and women playing table tennis. I also wanted Iulia to shoot a brand new instructional video for schools, health clubs and table tennis clubs. When I started the project two years ago, I could never have imagined I would have someone like Iulia as part of the team, to say I am excited is an understatement.”

Rowe continued: “I am very pleased to say the video shoot took place in Iulia’s home town of Cartagena Spain. The result is just amazing, the instructional video is everything I ever wanted for the project. We have certainly gone to another level.”

International star Necula added: “I was surprised but also delighted to be asked to become the face of Aerobic TT. I have supported the project since last year when I first heard about it as I think this project can attract more children into physical exercise and table tennis“

She continued: “I think Aerobic TT is the first step in teaching children and women, because it’s fun and keeps you fit. By using the beat of the music you can learn good timing for all table tennis moves, and strokes. Seeing the reaction of 150 children in pilot sessions held in Cartagena Spain recently, made me believe it’s the right programme for promoting table tennis in schools. The children loved the music, which got them into a high energy zone, and they all wanted more table tennis, it was amazing“

The instructional DVD/video will be available soon, along with an Aerobic TT activity package. The package will include all the equipment and resources to be able to run an Aerobic TT session.

The best way forward is for all the associations and clubs around the world to join Aerobic TT, and launch it as a project in schools and colleges. Very quickly they will see the reaction the project gets in schools. Some children have commented that it’s the best PE lesson they ever had.

School teachers love the project because it gives them something new to deliver during PE, some teachers have commented ‘Aerobic TT is fun and exciting for the pupils, they get to keep fit, which improves their health and wellbeing, and they also learn table tennis, it really is a great activity’.

Anyone interested in joining the project should contact Steve Rowe by email [email protected]

Mr Rowe would like to hear from all associations and table tennis clubs. He will be running training workshops for associations, also in-school teacher training and training for Aerobic TT instructors.

Visit the website for more information www.aerobictabletennis.com