2013 JM Rose Bowl winners Leeds (Zoe Cheesman and Nicole Finn)

Detailed records have now been collated of the results of the Wilmott Cup, JM Rose Bowl, Carter Cup and Bromfield trophy that date right back to the inaugural tournament in 1934/35.

At that stage it was just the Wilmott Cup in action with Manchester (Fred Cromwell, Hymie Lurie and A.G Millar) crowned as the first-ever Champions. However, by 1965/66 all four competitions were up and running and the recorded winners can be found at the link below.

As you will be able to see, not all of the records are complete, as some players are missing from a few of the older records.

Any help on completing these records will be greatly appreciated and anyone with knowledge of these results should contact Diane Webb at [email protected]. She is also interested in anyone who has copies of old programmes that could be added to the ETTA archives or additional information that concerns these tournaments.

Click here to see the full records

Written by Russell Moore (August 9, 2013)