One minute silence was held in memory of Daisy Leach, wife of ETTA President, Johnny Leach MBE.

1. A Copy of my report was circulated in advance to Councillors.

2. New National Councillor for Sussex County TTA, Marc Burman, was welcomed with a new pass.

3. Two new League Representative Company Members were approved; David William Arnold for Lincoln TTL and John Prean for Isle of Wight TTL.

4. The Treasurers proposal was agreed that newly qualified coaches are given a free licence for a period from qualification to the renewal date, although the free licence will not apply to previously qualified coaches that have allowed their licence to lapse.

5. An initial review paper was submitted to Council from Management following the July meeting on the Cadet and National Trials which included proposals for changes in the Cadet/Junior Championships agreed by the National Championships Committee. It was agreed that further discussion would take place prior to a final document for approval being submitted to Council.

6. Neil Wheatley is the new West Midlands Regional Chairman.

7. The new ETTA Umpires’ Handbook is currently with the printers.

8. Nick Matthews of Towergate Insurance tlc gave an overview of ETTA insurances including Public Liability and Coaching. It was agreed that a paper will be issued covering the various number of questions that were asked in particular relating to those who had facilities which were insured separately.

9. The Treasurer reported on the Management Accounts and financial position of the Company at the end of September which was marginally improved on his original budget for 2009/10.

10. ETTA is benefitting from the vastly improved sponsorship agreement with respect to the England Clothing Contract.

11. Proposed Rule changes for the 2010 Annual General Meeting were given to National Council to approve the submission to the next AGM in the name of National Council. This was due to Individual Membership being approved by the 2009 Annual General
Meeting and the consequential rule amendments, which are mostly editorial.

12. There was a Membership Committee update on Individual Membership. Two letters had recently been sent to Local Leagues inviting comment. It was the intention to send National Council details of missing Individual Registration returns that are not received by the ETTA by 15th November 2009 from their members.

13. A panel has been set up to look into the lack of participation by Women in the County Championships as well as Women’s participation in general.

14. The Cadet and Junior National Championships clashed with the World Junior Championships, which was due to the ITTF changing their date. Dates for future Cadet and Junior Championships will be looked at by the Calendar Working Party.

15. The English Open would receive three television slots on Sky Sports and live streaming on the ITTF Website.

16. The English Open was originally scheduled with 260 entries which has been increased to 320, as over 380 applied following the cancellation of the Russian Pro-tour event,, and this has resulted in the start and finish times on some days having to be changed. The overall planning of the event is on track and ticket sales continue to increase. The quality of the entry is excellent with it being the best English Open ever.

17. Discussions took place on the selection of England players at events and also the entry procedures relating to the English Open prior to the official notification to the players.

18. Judy Rogers (National Programme Manager, Volunteering Diversity and Child Protection) gave a presentation to update on the Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguards Authority. Slides of the presentation will be sent to National Councillors.
Many questions were raised by Councillors in particular expressing the concerns and impact on our volunteer base which Judy confirmed are being discussed with other National Governing Bodies and the Government.

19. I expressed hope that all Councillors and as many of their members would attend the English Open and support our 28 young
players taking part.